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The first of my concerns is how to behave indoors in front of a casino table. For most people I know who play Black Jack at http://tr.blackjack.org/, they tell me that playing in the theater has nothing to do with playing in online casinos. The question I ask myself is must we respect the rules imposed by the real casinos ??? If yes, why ? On the other hand I think that all the protocol that there is around the game is a waste of time and that the most important thing is to go straight to the goal. I would not like to be ridiculed by other players because of my lack of experience and practice. Also, I say a big thank you to online casinos and free blackjack game lines, which give all players the chance to play this game at least once.

I am not against the gaming and membership policies of real casinos, but I think they have to try to put the bar a little lower. These are places where I would say better, closed circles that are reserved only for the wealthy and the most seasoned players. This implies that a simple learner like me, has in principle no place of this kind of environments and especially no chances to evolve normally. And for me I consider this policy quite discriminatory and full of conventions to limit the maximum number of people possible.

I would like to tell all blackjack players new or apprentices en iyi blackjack uygulaması, to set their game goals, before ending up in unfavorable situations. Do not venture into casinos without having the best of luck on your side. And for those who would like to contribute, there is a forum open to everyone.